Tournaments Made Simple

GRID is A Mobile and Web Solution For Organizing Gaming Events End To End.


Create Better Experiences

Let GRID take care of event management, so you can focus on the games

Visit A Hub

Visit hubs to compete in tournaments or join teams and battle together

Start Playing

Play all games ranging from Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, and Tabletop

Meet New People

Find similar friends that will become your battle companions

Game on

GRID Makes It Easy To Find Local Community Gaming Events. You Can Create Or Join eSports Teams And Explore Gaming HUBs Near You To Participate In Tournaments.

Our Mobile App Features


Explore upcoming sports events, news, and trending gaming content effortlessly


Stay connected with fellow gamers, create teams, and chat

Tournament Management

Organize, schedule and promote eSports tournaments with powerful event management tools

Team Creation

Assemble and manage sports teams efficiently, enhancing your competitve gaming experience

Gaming Database

Access a vast repository of games including, stats, guides and eSports insights

Dynamic Bracketology

Experience real-time bracket updates and results for your favorite eSports tournaments

Hassle-free Events Management

Simple and intuitive event planning, dynamic bracketology system, social profiles and quick communication systems, a marketplace, analytics and funds management.

Truly a super-app to connect gamers by!

Made for Gamers by Gamers

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