The first mobile, gaming events

What is GRID?

GRID is a first of its kind mobile events and gaming app where you can meet other gamers and show your skills by attending events and tournaments. Compete against top ranked gamers and claim your spot on national scoreboards.

How Does it Work?

Visit hubs to compete in tournaments or join teams and battle together.
The more you play, the higher your rank goes. Compete against top players, challenge friends and take their spots.
Play all games ranging from Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, and Tabletop.
Attend events near you, join advanced brackets set by the host of the event, and win prize pots.
Find similar friends throughout the GRID that will become your battle companions.
Integrate all of your accounts safely into the GRID.

Explore the App

GRID is the first app of its kind, making it easy to find a local community of gamers and events. You can create or join e-sports team and explore gaming hubs near you to participate in tournaments. Whether you are a gamer, an e-sports team, or a hub venue, GRID is the app for you.

Explore the GRID
Attend events and battle for the prize
Seek out your local HUBS for competitions
Create or join your own e-sports team with friends
Rank up and compete against other gamers for their spot
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